Future Leadership Development

One of our bestsellers are programs that are offered to talented and experienced managers for further development. The focus is not only on individual learning, but also on building, redeveloping and testing new leadership behavior and adapting structures in the sense of organizational development.

In our programs, people always meet at eye level and learn from each other.
The boundaries between those who train and those who participate are deliberately blurred.
The great paradox of “leading from self-organization” shapes the seminar both in terms of content and structure.


Further training of international top talents from the entire Lufthansa Group. Focus on developing a new leadership culture (New Leadership Development) through joint research, experimentation and testing.

Training of experienced executives as part and transmission belt of a culture transformation. Triad of personal growth, development of the overall organization and introduction of value-based leadership behavior.

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Further references (excerpt)

Continuous training of international talents with an integrated focus of development of both all participants and the organization towards a new understanding of leadership. Systemic foundations and new work models are part of the program.

Continuing education for top Deutsche Bahn executives in preparation for upcoming career stages. Focuses: Personal, strategic and structural handling of complexity and dynamics; navigating changing work environments.

Advanced training for managers in various organizations in the city, as ongoing programs, or in the form of multi-day leadership conferences.
Focus here, too: Human resource development as a driver for organizational development.

Training of talents of GIZ (also GTZ). Focus: Impact-oriented acting in complex project structures of development cooperation. Building personal impact and influence in multi-stakeholder environments.

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