REACH Tracking

The so-called REACH tracking is an eurosysteam proprietary operationalization approach that has been developed over several years into a systemic, agile and viral integration method. The REACH-Tracking model is based on the effectiveness of five parallel tracks (Responsibility, Empowerment, Agility, Changeability and Hearing), in which actions (trainings, workshops, events) are planned and executed, mutually reinforcing each other’s impact.

REACH-Tracking has a very sustainable effect as a model of organizational development and can also be used as an operating system for divisional development or as a tool for organizational empowerment on the meta-level, which can be used for the company’s own development – but also for adding value for the customer. REACH tracking thus also becomes a culture-shaping model, as it generates the perfect combination of stringent leadership and agile self-organization.