“Leadership100 is a construction kit for leadership programs.
It helps professionals to quickly create development trainings
for leaders in their company.”

100 selected topics

We have already done most of the work for you. Out of thousands of topics we have filtered the most important ones for leaders in companies. 100 topics are in our kit, defining the L100 framework. Of course, we will further prioritize within that framework, according to your needs.

Curated by 100 experts

We are humble enough to not decide alone, what the most relevant topics for leaders are. We consult regularly with leadership practitioners and researchers. We facilitate the dialogue with us and among them in our “L100-Kuratorium”, a board of trustees with 100 seats.

Perfectly customizable

As it is true for most construction kits, you can build all kinds of different programs with it. We help you create a program that fits your companies strategic goals, your target group or your budget. With our L100 framework it is much easier to customize your individual program.

Ready within 100 days (or less)

The set up of a global, large scale leadership program used to be a very time consuming process. Not any longer. 100 days is how fast you can set up a program, from your first look at our design kit to the first training. Contact us now and the first leadership training in your company could start 100 days from today. Of course, smaller training concepts are created in even less time. Challenge us.

We are eurosysteam, a consulting company founded in 1989. We helped to create the systemic approach in organizational development and have successfully supported companies and organizations ever since. Last summer we have celebrated the fact, that we have designed and conducted 100 Leadership programs.

We are experts in organizational development, people development, agility, digitalization, facilitation, coaching  – and we just love what we do. Our customers love what we do, too. We are creative and innovative and we see leadership as the most profound lever for success, transformation, change, sustainability and happiness. That is why we are madly in love with leadership and are starting into 2021 with the launch of Leadership100.

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