Leadership100 is a construction kit for leadership training programs.
It helps professionals to quickly and professionally create
development trainings for leaders in their company.

designed by eurosysteam gmbh

100 selected topics

We have already done most of the work for you. Out of thousands of topics we have filtered the most important ones. 100 topics are in our kit, defining the L100 framework. Of course, you can further prioritize within that framework, according to your needs.

Depending on perspectives and definitions there hundreds of topics, ideas, principles and models out there that are potentially helpful for leaders. In order to make this a little more manageable we chose to pick 100, we identified to be the most relevant. 100 is still a pretty big number but we want to make sure that we are not simplifying things to much. The list is not like one of those internet pics stating to give you the 5 golden rules or the 12 principle to follow. We are talking more about completeness here. If leaders in your company know about these 100 topics – they are well prepared for current and future challenges.

We have conducted many leadership development programs in recent years and every single time we identified, defined and refined the content of those in close coordination with our are shaped our clients. Doing all that we shaped our content list, prepared material for every topic, came up with didactical concepts and went home with new insights about what worked well.  If you need to design a program for the leaders in you company, we want to offer you all these experiences to build on – quickly and easily.

You want to have a look at the L100 list? We understand that. We are sure that you understand in return, that the list has a significant value in itself – very much so for our competitors. We decided to not provide a download here. You can still get a sneak peak and even a guided tour if you decide to invest a few minutes. People who did that, told us, it was very helpful.

Perfectly customizable

As it is true for most contruction kits, you can build all kinds of different programs with it. We help you create a program that fits your companies strategic goals, your target group or your budget. 100 different programs are easily created within hours.

Here are some ideas for leadership development programs we implemented successfully with various partners in our 30 years of experience. These of course, are only suggestions – you don´t have to buy off-the-shelf, if you don´t want to. We are happy to support you in tailoring your program to your organization’s needs.

Leadership100 is the perfect foundation for classic leadership training program. The design kit provides a sophisticated overview of topics for people with leadership roles. Setting a corporate focus is easy, the content is prepared in easy to combine learning nuggets. The concept phase becomes a lot faster and cheaper.

We call it same day delivery, others call it agile. In a Bar Camp like setup, participants of a leadership training build the agenda in the morning of each day. Our trainers are skilled enough and our nuggets well prepared to deliver the learning content the same day.

Using Leaderhip100 you can provide the participants with a clearly structured content menu. People are therefore able to express interest and get clustered in groups of similar interest. This measure alone creates a completely new flow of energy, commitment and ownership. Using this approach we are creating strong peer learning relationships that become a real booster of corporate (learning) culture.

Imagine the following scenario: There are 50 leaders in your company and each of them picks one topic out of our leadership100 design kit, to become an expert in. Just imagine the level of commitment and ownership. From the participants perspective it would feel like: Thats my thing. I want to know everything about it. I happily share my knowledge? Wait: What if I were to produce a little video on the topic and what it means for our company?

Our L100 makes also a perfect allocation plan for any e-learning platform to provide knowledge for leaders. We have done this for clients and called it the leadershop. The shelfs of this shop can be pre-filled with learning items or can be more like a request shop. Either way, the extension or reduction to exactly 100 items creates curiosity and provides amazing opportunities for the internal marketing of such an approach.

You can easily distribute learning offers over a period of time, creating a virtual academy with topics spread over weeks and months, with a topic of the week or with a daily leadership impulse. The possibilities to play with the list are endless and most of the formats can be combined with one another.
Can we sketch a new version for you?

The emotional buy in of participants is rather crucial for the success of any training program. So in this type of program we let all presumed participants rate themselves concerning their learning needs along the 100 topics, which creates stronger ownership by the participants for the program.

Last but not least the L100 topic list can serve as a state of the art checklist for an up to date talent management. Who in your company has the ability to create followship? Who is strong in the secret art of leading self-organization? Who increases your companies ability to react and change quickly?
Maybe they should be considered for more responsibility?

Ready in 100 days (or less)

The set up of a Leadership program used to be a time consuming process. Not any longer. 100 days is how fast you can set up a program, from your first look at our design kit to the first training. Contact us now and the first leadership training in your company could start 100 days from today.

The set up will be easy and therefore swift. Adjustments a long the way are possible and some of our approaches fully embrace that idea as they allow participants to co-design the final set-up.
Since the content is fully prepared you have perfect control over what you are buying from us and providing to the leaders in your company. You will be able to answer the “What can we expect” question as precisely as never before.

Leadership100 is a construction kit. You choose the content and the structure to fit your companies needs. But you don´t have to decide all that alone. We are masters of co-creation and know how to perfectly structure a process of consulting you and helping you make the best decisions.
Co-creation can be fuzzy but it doesn´t need to be. We have a clear plan even for that.

Some companies want to make a really profound investment in their leaders others have a tighter budget. Our kit is ready for that. We have predefined leadership journeys that help you get an idea of what return you get for which investment. But we don´t stop there. With a construction like Leadership100 we can customise a structure that costs exactly what you want to spend.
We call this approach “design to cost”.

eurosysteam in a nutshell

Leadership100 wird angeboten von eurosysteam. Seit 1989  begleiten wir Unternehmen und Organisationen dabei, ihre strategischen Ziele zu erreichen und die dafür notwendigen Veränderungsprozesse zu führen. Dazu befähigen wir Führungskräfte, ihre Rolle wirksam auszufüllen. Wir gestalten Zusammenarbeit durch Weiterbildung, durch das Verändern von Strukturen, Prinzipien und Kommunikation. Wir sind ein unabhängiges und inhabergeführtes Unternehmen. Die Prinzipien der systemischen Organisationsentwicklung haben wir mit unserer Arbeit kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt. Unsere Kunden-Projekte und -Beziehungen sind geprägt von starker persönlicher Verbundenheit, Kreativität, und höchster Professionalität.

“Hallo, Ich bin Peter Fischer und gestalte seit 20 Jahren Entwicklungs-Programme für Führungskräfte. Wenn Sie sich 1 Stunde Zeit nehmen, tue ich das auch. Sie erzählen mir, welche Kompetenzen die Führungskräfte Ihres Unternehmens brauchen und ich zeige Ihnen, wie wir das gemeinsam erreichen können. Unverbindlich, aber mit echtem Nutzen für Sie. Suchen Sie sich einfach einen freien Termin in meinem Kalender aus.”