The first of its kind
construction kit for
leadership training programs.

100 selected topics

We have already done most of the work for you. Out of thousands of topics we have filtered the most important ones. 100 topics are in our kit, defining the L100 framework. Of course, you can further prioritize within that framework, according to your needs.

Curated by 100 experts

We are humble enough to not decide alone, what the most relevant topics for leaders are. We consult regularly with leadership practitioners and researchers. We facilitate the dialogue with us and among them in our “L100-Kuratorium”, a board of trustees with 100 seats.

We have always been speaking with other experts, when it came to designing and identifying content for our programs. Now we have structured these conversations by founding the Leadership100 Kuratorium.

We invite experts to this group. They are professional in the field of leadership, as practitioners or as researchers. And we got, what we hoped for: Introducing them to another and debating with them together provides even better results, than talking with them one by one.

The Kuratorium meets regularly to discuss new insights, trends, challenges, experiences and scientific insights and publishes an update L100 topic list. Do you know someone who might fit into this Kuratorium? We are happy to hear your suggestion.

Our featured curators in our board of trustees
More curators in our board of trustees
Vera Farag
Wolfgang Lüchtrath
Kerstin Friemel
Markus Widera
Sven Lakner
Michael Fleischmann
Steffen Kubitzky
Peter Teuscher
Peter Fischer

Perfectly customizable

As it is true for most contruction kits, you can build all kinds of different programs with it. We help you create a program that fits your companies strategic goals, your target group or your budget. 100 different programs are easily created within hours.

Here are some ideas for leadership development programs we implemented successfully with various partners in our 30 years of experience. These of course, are only suggestions – you don´t have to buy off-the-shelf, if you don´t want to. We are happy to support you in tailoring your program to your organization’s needs.

Ready in 100 days (or less)

The set up of a Leadership program used to be a time consuming process. Not any longer. 100 days is how fast you can set up a program, from your first look at our design kit to the first training. Contact us now and the first leadership training in your company could start 100 days from today.

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For our clients and for us our projects in the area of ​​executive development are always great experiences of creativity, appreciation, passionate struggle for the best solutions,
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organizations in their developments. In this spirit we work
together with our  customers at eye level and we
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