Agile large-scale events

Real transformation only succeeds with the participation of those affected. That is why we have been designing large-scale workshops and participation events for companies and organizations for more than 3 decades. There really is a very special energy that arises during such events and we have the experience to direct and harness this energy.

We integrate agile approaches, with self-organization and ownership, and turn the event itself into a culture-shaping experience that energizes the organization.

Finding the right balance, striking the right note in the impulse presentations and, of course, in the moderation requires a high level of experience that we are happy to put at your disposal.

Current references

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Agile major event of Lufthansa Group IT. More than 200 executives from 4 countries gathered at a kind of fair to get to know each other, debate, share experiences and learn. Like at a Bar Camp, all participants could also offer sessions themselves.

The participating executives experienced agile learning, acting in self-organization, and a culture of openness, respect, and appreciation – all with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.
Feedback from participants: “The best conference I’ve ever been to.”

Our services

A large event in a company is often a major investment, but also a very good one.
We advise you in all didactic questions of your event in such a way that the events help you to reach your goals and to achieve a very good return on investment.
For this purpose we have developed various planning tools and know the necessary steps of the planning process. Feel free contact us.

An event is like a play that you put on stage. It is a production with an arc of tension and a storyline, but also with a certain aesthetic, style and design. In a consulting process we call co-creation, we develop all this together with you.

Your event already begins with the invitation. From a systemic point of view, the invitation is already an intervention in the system. You set an impulse that already stimulates thinking and discussion. The stakeholders position themselves and the process is set in motion. We support you in the right choice of words for sense-making and goals, as well as in addressing the target group appropriately. Aspects of a possible digital lead-in also need to be considered.

An event is a tremendous opportunity to do something different from what was expected by the participants. That is the king discipline. A deliberately created irritation, a didactic invitation to a change of perspective or a method that has never been used before in your company – all of these are real impact enhancers. You will recognize the right amount of unfamiliarity by the fact that you are nervous about how it will be received. But don’t worry, we’re by your side.

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More references

A whole series of large networking events for participants from all areas of the Group who were trusted to act as influencers, to change the culture of the company through their own unconventional approach.

3-day conference of all 150 global executives. Among them: the then Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Ms. Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, as well as the then Federal President Norbert Lammert.

Conference with the top 80 executives in Germany as part of a major change program in 2007 to merge all bottling operations.

Do you have any questions about this concept? Your contact person will be happy to answer them:

Peter Fischer
Managing Director