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eurosysteam supports organizations achieve their strategic objectives and to lead the necessary change. We enable leaders to fulfill their new roles. We shape culture through values, principles and approach. We consult future fit structures, processes and working methods.

Since 1989.


Systemic Management and strategic consultancy


Personnel and Management qualification


Large group moderations and change events


Individual personal and strategy development

Corporate Culture

Robust culture as condensate of a cross-linked organization


Modern leadership as empowerment of self-organization


Agile organization in response to dynamics


Digital transformation as driver of change


Agility has become a familiar word and more and more companies are trying out agile methods. But what does it really mean to be an agile organization and what is your own way to get there? This is exactly what our training as an Agile Transformation Leader is all about.
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This documentation in total length (ca. 45min) describes the transformation of metafinanz GmbH into an agile organization with more than 850 employees. eurosysteam is proud to have accompanied this change. Besides our managing director Lars Geiseler, other experts such as Niels Pfläging and Gerald Hüther have their say. Published December, 2019.
More than ten years of close partnership. Congratulations to metafinanz for your courage to transform into an agile organization! (Video 6:30)
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Faces behind eurosysteam.
Trainer network meeting 2019 in Eitorf.