New ways of thinking for a new time.

Development and knowledge progress and with every step move forward into a slightly changed world. New times produce new knowledge, new theories are developed, leadership and organisational principles are revised and priorities and values are rearranged. We are concerned with the question of which forces shape today’s individuals and make companies successful in the future. Power, order and performance no longer function as the sole drivers, even though they are indispensable. A new sense of responsibility for the environment, the values and needs of people in organizations is gaining importance. We need to know about the good ideas we have regarding leadership and we need to look proactively to the future. It is not enough to formulate challenges in the usual way in order to design solutions. We must learn to respond differently to the new level of complexity. A new sense of leadership is emerging. We need to reformulate what is necessary to remain successful in the long term.

The 30-year work of eurosysteam focuses in particular on cultural values, individual and collective behaviour and social practices, processes and structures in organizations. We want to empower people to initiate and sustain change. We orient ourselves along the lines of scientific development research. This shows very clearly that from time to time organizations (have to) undergo true transformations in order to cope with the new market and environmental conditions.