What We Represent

Our mission: we help companies and organisations achieve their strategic objectives and support them to manage the change processes necessary for attaining their goals. We enable leaders to fulfil their roles. We shape culture through values, principles and approach.

We have been an independent and privately owned company since our inception in 1988. We continue to develop and adapt the principles of systemic organisational development in our work. Our own research allows us to anticipate future developments and necessary changes, and we are able to incorporate these new findings in our three areas of business: Leadership Development, Culture Transformation und Change Management.

Our client relationships are characterised by strong personal connection and solid sense of responsibility.  This is how we achieve a fine balance between top management compatibility and the interests of those involved. Connecting strategic, procedural and social competence is an imprint of our company DNA. The human factor and our principles are always the focus of our approach, which is why we are able to look back on a long tradition of successful change projects.