A clear, overarching purpose defines these programs. For example, companies want to make their managers fit for a reorganisation or transformation.


These programs are designed according to the participants’ previous experience. We have programs for first time leaders, for middle and top management.


Key content areas define this type of program: Training in agile methods, systemic organisational development or empowerment for innovation and product development.

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Managers who know the right methods and techniquesand have learned,
when to use which one.


Leaders who lead and communicate with enthusiasm and have a passion
for working with people.


Leaders who know their strenghts and use them,
who resolve conflicts and
make courageous decisions.

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Insights into our work

Co-creating the future of your own organization – that is the focus of the F-Course, our development program for the top executives of Lufthansa Group. Lean back and listen? That is neither our nor our participants’ approach! Learn more about our concept of maximum Peer Learning and Self-Organization in our video.

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You do not often get to see so many smiling faces at a conference. Thanks to innovative meeting and facilitation formats, the Team Leads Summit of the Lufthansa Group IT on 5th/ 6th  February 2019 in Frankfurt fostered not only intense discussions and personal exchange, but also physical movement. Standing in the Spotlight: Our Managing Director and Creative Spirit, Peter Fischer, who co-designed and facilitated this great event

What does the future of leadership and the leadership of the future look like? For the first Future Leadership Day, high-ranking executives of the Lufthansa Group met on 23 January 2020 to learn together from and with each other. Originating in our F-Course program a steadily growing network of alumnis was born which further spreads and keeps the spirit of Future Leadership alive.

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Agility has become a dictum and more and more companies try out agile methods. But what does it really mean to be an agile organization and how do you get there? This is it exactly what our Agile Transformation Leader training focuses on. (video only available in German)

The transformation of the metafinanz GmbH towards an agile organization with  850 employees is described in this documentation. eurosysteam is proud to have accompanied this change. Apart from our Managing Director, Lars Geiseler, other experts such as Niels Pfläging and Gerald Hüther are being interviewed in this video.

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Would you like to gain a little insight what it feels like when we all get together?
Here are some impressions of our Consultant Meet-up in 2019. What makes us different is the unbelievable fusion of high professionality and limitless passion for all interpersonal matters. Can you tell from the video?

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Exceptional times ask for exceptional solutions- and still it is nice to have something familiar along with it. 2020, of course, also inspired us to try out new digital formats. With our virtual eurosysteam Seminar House, we wanted to create a central work and community space for the widely spread participants of our online trainings.  Go and take a look!
(video only available in German)

In the beginning of 2019, leaders of the Lufthansa Group Information Management came together for a 1,5 days summit under the title “Connecting for the Future”. eurosysteam consulted and supported the LH Change Team in creating this dialogical space for vision making, leadership spirit, networking and personal exchange.

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The LeaDNA programme, that we developed for Evonik in 2018/19, is one of the largest leadership culture programmes we have been allowed to design amd conduct. Several hundred participants successfully went through this innovative big group format in Europe, North/ South America and Asia.

Don’t just think around the corner, do it differently! This is the motto of our #QDAM format, which we have been carrying out  for several years with great popularity at Deutsche Bahn AG. The format thrives on the cross-functional and cross-hierarchical composition of the participants and their desire to experiment with New Work.

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The #QDAM format became a permanent favourite in the DB. Ten large networking events over a period of 4 years have reached hundreds of people with our moderation. At ever new and unusual locations, we have significantly strengthened the spirit of rethinking within the company with them.
(video only available in German).

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We designed the programme “DB Team Journey” for the DB Academy. We did not produce the above video, but it was published within the company for marketing purposes. More than forty teams have been supported in achieving their goals with the DB Team Journey programme after having applied accordingly.
(video only available in German)

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We also produce our own teaching videos for our programmes.
With simple graphics, like you would use as a trainer on a flipchart, we show basics in condensed form. With these own videos and carefully curated external content, we equip learning platforms and use times of direct interaction for in-depth-study and application questions.

Elaborate outdoor team development measures are also part of our repertoire. Although other measures in the areas of creativity and agility are now much more in vogue, it is, of course, still a very special situation and a formative experience when a team works together in deep snow across icy waters. In the trainer role: our Managing Director, Lars Geiseler.

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Short version of the video on the transformation of metafinanz GmbH into an Agile organisation with over 850 employees. metafinanz and eurosysteam share a long partnership and we are proud to have been involved in this change.


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