Agility Meets Complexity

Today’s leaders must not only be able to deal with an increasingly interdependent, complex, uncertain and volatile world. They also need to improve their team’s performance to stay ahead in a highly competitive environment. Due to the complexity of our business world, becoming more agile is necessary to lead, sustain and develop a high-performing organization. Complexity slows down an organization (longer decision time), hinders agility (many options without knowing how to react), and increases internal transaction costs (complex processes/structures to deal with complex problems).

With our compact 2-day training “Agility meets Complexity” we offer executives orientation on what matters. What are the drivers of complexity and what effect does this have on us? What does agility mean as an answer to complexity: in self-leadership, in leading others and in building organizations?

In doing so, we draw on our more than 30 years of consulting experience in dealing with complex systems as well as supporting executives from all hierarchical levels and areas.