Management Summary

Developing your leadership team is one of the best investments you can make.
The return on investment is the company you always wanted:
Highly attractive for customers and talents, professional,
engaged and capable of changing with the
dynamics of the world.

5 times WHY
you should invest
in Leadership Development

Improving employee satisfaction

Talents often do not leave the company, but managers who do not lead them well.
Attracting and keeping talents is much easier with well-trained leaders.
Teams with highly skilled leaders are far more productive.

More capacity for strategy implementation

Leaders are the transmission belt for strategy.
They are responsible to execute ransformation and change.
There are tools for this that managers should master.

Higher customer satisfaction

Fit leaders have a better impact on customers.
They are more able to address problems and blockages from multiple perspectives.
They do not create unnecessary tensions between partners, employees and customers.

Strengthening innovation and business development

You need a leadership team that does not get trapped  in operational trouble shooting.
Leaders that avoid the nitty-gritty of micro-management have more capacity to move the business forward as a whole.

Space for continuous organisational development

Processes, rules and principles of order must be regularly reviewed, “maintained” and adapted.
Otherwise there is a risk of friction losses or simply a waste of resources.
This also requires well-trained managers.

3 times WHY
eurosysteam is
a good choice

We speak “HR”, but we also speak “business”

Our profession is closely linked to the company’s human resources or learning and development departments. We know their concerns and language very well. However, we are equally well connected to strategic issues at C-level. Our programmes can make a significant contribution to business development, cultural programmes or transformations.

We do not adhere to any dogma

We do not come up with one-fits-all solutions and have not defined ourselves into any pigeonhole. We are not “Agilistas”, lean missionaries or followers of a particular method. As systemically thinking consultants, we rather believe that consulting approaches also have to be adapted to the client company again and again.

We foster maker spirit not consumer attitudes

We are entrepreneurs and have a certain drive, which we like to transfer as spirit to the target groups of our work. We notice inertia and evasive behaviour and address it. We do this with respect, empathy, appreciation and curiosity – we just don’t want to ignore it.
The participants in our training programmes need an attitude of flexibility and willingness to learn. We not only expect this, but also create it.